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We encourage patrons to take advantage of Lands Point Winery & Vineyards' unique accessibility by water.  


The winery is accessible via a dinghy beach on our shoreline and a dinghy floating dock at our pier.


Weekend visitors should consider the following marinas, which are located a short distance from Lands Point Winery & Vineyards.


The Wharf at Handy’s Point North & South

Our closest neighbor marina located directly across Worton Creek from our winery.


Worton Creek Marina

Located a short distance up Worton Creek from our winery and offering marine fuel, full service, and a ship’s store.


Safe Harbor Marina at Great Oak

Safe Harbor Marina at Great Oak located nearby on Fairlee Creek is a member of the esteemed Safe Harbor group of marinas.  It boasts an excellent location, pristine views, marine fuel and service, and a full-service restaurant.


Tolchester Marina

Tolchester Marina is located at marker buoy 21 approximately 8 miles south of Worton Creek and offers a full-service marina, restaurant, and marine fuel.

Protected anchorage areas are also present in Worton Creek

Breweries & Distilleries
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